Moving to this website (new Blog)

This is the first post written on our new website's Blog. Most previous posts have been imported into this website from our old Blogger site

Below is a summary of some of the biggest milestones that have been reached in the past couple months:

  1. Groups is now also available on Windows as a stand-alone app that can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store

  2. There are a handful of new extensions available in the Marketplace (Simple List, Insert, More Parents, Extra Links, etc). There also isn't a limit to the number of spouses or ex-spouses a node can have

  3. French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian translations have been greatly improved. I also want to fast-track language revisions for German, Arabic and Thai. Groups needs users who understand the app and are fluent in other languages to contribute.. please help!

There have been many more changes but these are all the not-so-boring bits I can share for now