Member colours (1.87)

Updated: May 25

This entry was imported from Group's former blog on Blogger written in 2020

Yesterday's migration to Google Cloud seems to have gone well - phew!

Along with it I pushed a new release (1.87) that should reach your devices relatively soon. It adds the possibility of adding colours to your organigram members. Until now, a member could have a picture, or in the case of the Bubble Chart be green. In the Hierarchy chart, members could also have a picture or the default box colour (black for dark theme users, white for light theme users)

I noticed that some users wanted to set colours instead of pictures to their members and the way they were doing this was by adding a single-coloured picture to their members. This works but has a big drawback - performance. By adding a plain colour picture instead of just drawing a colour, users are making their devices draw lots of bitmaps that take up a big chunk of their rendering power

That's why I added a new option to manually select a colour instead of a picture. This can be done by editing a node and tapping on the new "brush" button at the bottom:

A popup will then open and show you a randomly created set of colours to select from. You can also type in your own RRGGBB hexadecimal colour code

This is the result of saving the node with a colour:

Next week I will also push an update to edit every colour (bg, fg, etc) of your organigram. The work is already done but users need to first upgrade to 1.87 in order to get those changes seamlessly (organigram styles will be shareable so everyone's device needs to be ready to interpret them)

Thanks for using Groups!