Dark Mode (1.51)

Updated: May 25

This entry was imported from Group's former blog on Blogger written in 2020

1.51 includes the option to enable what is known as "Night Mode" or "Dark Mode" in Groups.

To do this, you should first go to your Android/iOS Display Settings and enable the Night or Dark Mode there.

This will effectively switch your phone's theme to dark. Switching back to Groups should now show it in dark colours

Luckily, I first designed Groups using grayscale colours. This has greatly simplified the changes that take place when Dark Mode is detected (mostly, grayscale colours are then inverted by Groups). And it looks kind of cool!

For older versions of Android/iOS that don't support Dark Mode: Android: You can still use a fully functional Dark Theme via a third party app like this one. iOS: If you are on a pre-13 iOS version, you won't have the option to set your phone's theme to Dark. Alternatively, you can invert colours (Settings -> Accessibility -> Invert Colors). This doens't really use Group's dark theme, but will mostly work as most of Group's colours are grayscale colours anyway. However, images will look funny

Thanks for using Groups!