Bubble force and more

Updated: May 25

This entry was imported from Group's former blog on Blogger written in 2020

Once again, too many small new features have piled up on my way to the next release. This has made me publish v1.39 without the main milestones I'm working on at the moment (Chats and CSV import)

So without further ado here is a long list of the new features v1.39 brings to Groups:

Bubble chart now includes an option to set a "Force". This effectively edits the repulsion force that exists between all the bubbles. This is useful when a node has too many children that end up cluttering the same space and covering each other's names. A stronger repulsion allows for a more intelligible chart. Setting this value to a negative value actually makes bubbles feel attracted to each other, which looks kind of weird. I haven't disabled this option in case someone likes to have fun with it :)

A big part of the chart capture process has been redesigned. Before, an email would be sent to you with a link to your capture. Now, this is gone (thank heavens, as it was going to your spam folder 90% of the time). The new process presents you with a preview of the capture and 2 choices: share and save

-Users can now set their status (text) and manually apply a picture to their profile (before a picture was chosen from a node that had either a name or an email address that matched a user's). This is in anticipation to the next release (Chats) for which users will want to own this info for obvious reasons

-Most popups are now animated and look cooler. A few other animations have been introduced elsewhere. Animating transitions looks great IMO, I will try to add more of these where possible

-"Rate app" message now doesn't appear until a user has been using the app for 15 mins (was 3 mins before)

-iOS side menu now doesn't invade the status bar when open

-Devices are now registered for push notifications. An info message is shown before actual device permissions are requested. Groups doesn't yet use push but this is also anticipating the next release (Chats) that will. It's good to include this now so that current users enjoy receiving chat messages from next-release users right away

-Groups is now also available in Polish, Turkish, Hindi, Urdu and Latvian

I also renewed the domain and SSL certificates which caused a bit of mayhem during the 48-hour domain propagation period. Depending on your ISP you may have seen a message along the lines of "check your internet connection and try again" which should have disappeared upon clicking ok. Stressful times!

Getting these changes out of the way will make publishing the next release a lot easier. A lot of work has already been done and a lot more is needed. I won't release it until I am 100% sure it's ok which means that there is no ETA