2.32 Calendar (Events)

Updated: May 25

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2.32 Ships the Events module with it. The Events module is basically a group calendar. It allows you to schedule events and to set reminders. You can remind all group users of a certain event, or you can restrict who gets reminders in each event. Events can recur and repeat, they can be all-day events, span multiple dates, or simply take up 30 mins in your calendar One functionality the Events module brings is the ability to set "Birthday reminders". This had been a feature requested by some users. More about this in the last picture below

Figure 1. Calendar View

Figure 2. Single day view

Figure 3. Event view

Figure 4. You can optionally restrict who gets reminded of each event

Figure 5. Events can have locations

Figure 6. Organigram nodes can have their own events (Birthdays, etc). Simply click on the new calendar icon available in your tree nodes

Figure 7. The above shows some sample settings for setting up a birthday reminder