2.24 Documents & Scanner

Updated: May 25

This entry was imported from Group's former blog on Blogger written in 2020

2.24 brings the ability to add documents (files) to your organigram members

A use case of this could be adding a marriage certificate to a member in your family tree, or a CV to an employee in your organigram

To enable this feature, go to Marketplace -> Documents -> Install

A really powerful scanner has also been added to make it easier to digitise your existing documents. Be sure to adjust the scanner's quality (by default, it's 25%) to suit your needs. 25% should be enough as the Scanner uses a really high-res photo capture algorithm and using too much quality could result in 7MB scans a piece.

Tap on the Clip button to attach or to scan a document

The Documents section lets you adjust the Scanner's quality and offers a summary of all nodes' attachments

Tapping on a member offers a preview of its attachments

The scanner can scan multiple page documents and crop/rotate them as you go