2.04 Spouses

Updated: May 25

This entry was imported from Group's former blog on Blogger written in 2020

2.13 Note: ParentId columns in Spouses CSV exports point to their main (non-spouse) node's id

2.04 marks an important milestone: the ability to add separate spouses

I first imagined Groups as a tool focused on organigrams. It then grew into family trees, and while most users still use it for organigrams, there is a sizeable portion of the userbase that use it exclusively for drawing their family tree.

Groups comes with an "Example Family" organigram that shows how a family tree can be made. Couples are put together in single nodes. Both of their names are visible but the fact that only one picture is visible forces you to have to choose a picture of both husband and wife when they are together.

Quite a few users have asked for there to be an option to add a spouse in a separate node so that husband and wife have their own separate properties (picture, contact info, etc).

2.04 brings this as an optional feature that needs to be activated. I don't want to clutter non-family tree organigrams with a "spouse" feature, so this has been my way of separating new (and optional) functionality

I also used this chance to set a real divide between core and extended features. That is why now you will see a new item in your group's main menu called "Marketplace". So far, the only item that can be selected is the "Spouses" one. But I plan to add more in the near future (for example, I want to add one that lets you attach documents to each organigram node)

Ok, time for screenshots

Bubble chart will now display joint bubbles. Tapping on them will bring up a menu asking to choose one spouse

Hierarchies display a completely detached box for each spouse

Tapping on a node will display a new "Couple" icon that lets you add a spouse

You can install this new "extension" via the Marketplace section in your group's main menu

Installing and sharing extensions to other users in your group works the same way you make any changes to your group's organigram. Once you've installed the extension, all you have to do is go to Sync. Data and upload your changes so that all other users get them. Users who are on 2.01 will still get the extension once you've sent it but won't be able to see any spouse until they update to 2.04. I plan on making 2.04 mandatory for all users 1 or 2 weeks from now. Please note that at the time of writing this neither Google's nor Apple's stores have yet approved 2.04 for distribution. Google won't usually take longer than 8 hours but Apple might take up to 3 days

2.04 also ships new code that will hopefully add more network stability to Groups.