1.96 Chart Styles and Linked Groups

Updated: May 25

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Chart Styles

1.96 brings the ability to edit your chart's styles. Let's start by looking at bubble chart styles. These can be changed by tapping on "Edit styles" in the Bubble Chart Options menu

We will be presented with the option to change our chart's foreground color, background color, "stroke" (the color of the lines) color, the color of new bubbles (default color of newly created members with no pictures). We can also add a picture to our chart's background

Adding a background picture will then unlock a few options to blur, lighten, darken, or convert it to grayscale. Finally, if you check the button at the bottom "Apply to all group members", you will be able to share these styles with everyone else in your group (via the usual Synchronize Data method)

Here is a sample of what your group could look like (hopefully you can make a better choice of colors)

Your Pending Changes will now show that styles have been modified (if you checked "Apply to all group members" when setting your styles)

Setting the styles of your Hierarchy chart follows a similar procedure

Linked Groups

1.96 finally adds the ability to link your chart members to other groups. This feature has been implemented for a while in the source code but never got turned on due to not being backwards compatible with older versions. This can be useful to link a member to a different family tree, company department, etc

To link a member to a different group, first click on its newly available link icon

A popup that lets you choose one of your other groups will open

You can select one or more groups. They will now appear inside of your member's profile. When tapped, they will take you to the linked group's organigram and, if a member exists with similar information as the originator, it will be centered for you. If multiple members exist with similar information, a popup will be shown asking you to choose one of them

In the Hierarchy chart, members with linked groups will display a new "group" icon and a number representing the amount of groups they are linked to

In the bubbles chart, members with linked groups will display a "stargate" around them

The "Pending Changes" menu in the "Synchronize Data" section will now show these changes as "UPDATE LINKS". They can be shared with the rest of your group just like any other changes you make