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Interactive. Collaborative

  • Share your organigram or family tree across group members

  • Your structure can be as large as you want; no subscription fees


  • Group members can edit (admin) or view (user)

  • Quickly bring new starters up to speed on who's who in the organization

  • Instantly receive notifications of any changes

  • Ability to link multiple organigrams via shared nodes

Simple. Secure. Reliable.

  • E2EE messaging, notifications, images, videos, audio and file transfers​

  • Locally generated asymmetric encryption

  • Adjustable self-destruct mechanism

  • Ability to remotely delete your own messages. Even after they have been read

  • Only people in your group can know your user id

  • Data is never kept online


  • Local data is kept secure in a private folder

  • No creepy tracking

  • No phone number is required; No need to share your phone book. Only need an email address (can be masked)

  • Can chat from multiple devices with the same account; each device uses its own encryption keys

  • 3k RSA Keys + XChaCha20-Poly1305 Symmetric Encryption

Create a common agenda

  • Enable team collaboration with common events and reminders

  • Separate your own calendar from your organization's

  • Single, recurring, time-limited, daily. Integrate with Maps for easy event navigation

Rich content

  • Create shared member photo galleries

  • Adjust your group's photo quality to optimize cloud storage space

  • Media content is locally kept in a secure folder

Shared drive

  • Attach all type of files and documents to your group members

  • In-built, multi-page, high-quality scanner for ease of use

Detailed repository

  • View in detail your group's history

  • Auto-navigate to your organigram members from your history view


  • Collaborate with members that speak different languages while using the same app

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